Welcome to the STK-SuperTournament!

Currently the next SuperTournament date is unknown. We might be planning on doing next one or developing new features for it.
Previous tournaments


Fill the registration form and install the addon folder which will be linked here after registration deadline.

Please play some games at Rocker Large or Rocker Medium until you find yourself in the Ranking.

The required addons (4 of 5 required, Wood-Warbler-Soccer mandatory):
  1. xr-4r3n4_1
  2. ice-rink_1
  3. skyline--soccer
  4. hole-drop
  5. babyfball

We recommend to use SuperTuxKart 1.4 or later. Have fun :)

1. Participants

  1. TheRocker
  2. LLS
  3. debianbullseye
  4. Waldlaubsaengernest
  5. bubbbubb
  6. Haenschen
  7. drsleep
  8. FMWM
  9. FabianF
  10. ryanbarisov
  11. _Smoker_
  12. Sinus_Linus
  13. xue_stk
  14. PASCAL
  15. smexy_renaldo

2. Teams

Team A TheRocker debianbullseye FMWM
Team B LLS drsleep ryanbarisov
Team C Waldlaubsaengernest Haenschen _Smoker_
Team D bubbbubb FabianF Sinus_Linus

3. Match-Plan

#MatchDayDate (UTC)RefereeResultTeam ScoreWinnerAddon 1Addon 2Video
1C vs BSun2022-11-06 18:00TheRocker9-33-53-51-2Bice-rink_1egypt_1Here
2A vs CSat2022-11-12 18:00TheRocker3-83-76-80-3Csupertournament-fieldtournament-fieldHere
3B vs DWed2022-11-16 18:00TheRocker4-814-24-42-2Drawsoccer_fieldice-rink_1Here
4A vs BFri2022-11-18 18:00TheRocker7-30-43-41-2Bbloontonium-minessupertournament-fieldHere
5C vs DSun2022-11-20 16:00TheRocker3-28-57-03-0Cxr-4r3n4_1ice-rink_1Here
6D vs ASun2022-11-27 16:00TheRocker13-47-68-13-0Ahole-dropice-rink_1Here

4. Table

1B76-4 (+2)46-39 (+7)3210
2C67-2 (+5)56-32 (+24)3201
3A34-5 (-1)50-45 (+5)3102
4D12-8 (-6)32-68 (-36)3012

5. Scorer list


6. Rules

6.1 Tournament structure

This tournament will be played in "each against each" mode (unless a suitable KO-system is working), which means that each of the N teams will play once against each other team.

Winning one out of 3 games gives 1-0 points into game points column, so in a match where one team wins all 3 games, this team gets 3-0 game points. A draw gives 1-1 game points.

Winning a whole match gives 3 points into points column, a draw gives 1 and a loss 0. In the end, the team with most points wins, if there are teams with the same number of points, game points decide.

6.2 Match structure

Every match consists of 3 games, each played with 7 minutes time limit:

Before the tournament starts, an addon folder will be linked on the website. The addon folder consists of the 3 most selected addons in the registration form, Wood Warbler Soccer, and 2 randomly selected addons (selection probabilities weighted by votes). Wood-Warbler-Soccer and 4 of the 5 additional addons are required to play the tournament games.

6.3 Substitutions

A missing player can be replaced by a substitute if both players have comparable skills in the position-based ranking. This includes the average z-position, the goal rate and the ball possession. The substitute with the smallest root-mean-squared deviation from the missing player is preferred to take.

In case that the goal rate of the substitute is stronger than the missing player, the substitute has to take a medium kart (e.g. Tux). If the goal rate is more than 1 goal larger, the substitute has to play with a heavy kart (e.g. Pidgin).

If a player disconnects during the running game, the game is NOT stopped. If he doesnt come back after 30 seconds, any available substitute can join the game with Pidgin. If no substitute joins until one minute after, the player "SuperTournament" (sponsored by the organization team) will join with bird if available. There is no warranty to get any substitute during the game.

If not enough matching substitutes are found, the game can also be played as 2 vs 2.

6.4 Referee

Every match should have at least one referee who e.g. decides what happens in critical situations. To be referee, tell organizers.
Commands for referees:

Also the referee should follow the following guidelines:

6.5 Punishments

Referees can give yellow cards to misbehaving players:

Note that the referee will always warn the misbehaving player before giving a yellow card.

Yellow cards result in punishments:

In case someone keeps misbehaving seriously, organizers have the right to show a red card to this player which means disqualifying them from the tournament.

If a player doesnt show up at matches and ignoring messages of organizers after or seems inactive/unreliable, the player can be forced to be subsitute and replaced through a former substitute which promotes to a player. This action is only taken by organizers and mostly in the first matches.

Already given yellow cards:
PlayerYellow Cards
6.6 Alternative Accounts

It is not intended to play in the tournament with more than one account, even if it is not explicitly forbidden. Alternative accounts have to differ from the main account at least by the choise of kart. The alt should have a representable ranking of at least 20 games, played on Rocker Large/Medium with the preferred kart for the tournament. This is required to give other tournament players the possibilty to get reliable and transparent information on the player's skill.